Tuition is based on two semesters, beginning Fall 2020. Centennial College's Architectural Technician program will prepare you for a variety of careers in the building industry. When you confirm your Offer of Admission at Centennial College you are given access to your personal myCentennial account where you can check your email, grades, register for courses, pay tuition fees, and see your class timetable. This course is aimed at those already in the construction industry, and who wish to study part-time while they work. The Go Construct website is funded by the CITB levy and operated by the Construction Industry Training Board - CITB, Sand Martin House, Bittern Way, Peterborough, PE2 8TY, registered as a charity in England and Wales (Reg No 264289) and in Scotland (Reg No SC044875). This course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). You may confirm only one college and one program offer at a time. Online architectural technology programs can prepare you for a career rendering the designs of architects into construction plans. Work with the construction team on a variety of projects to design and develop the vision of your client. You’ll need 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, for an advanced apprenticeship. Centennial College's Architectural Technology program will prepare you for a variety of careers in the building industry. For more information go to Second Career Strategy. Accredited course - Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). Newly trained architectural technicians can earn £20,000 - £26,000, Trained architectural technicians with some experience can earn £26,000 - £35,000, Senior architectural technicians can earn £35,000 - £48,000. Check out the latest architectural technician vacancies: As these are external websites, the number of vacancies related to your preferred role may vary. Complete all modules and you'll achieve a University Diploma in CAD and BIM (Architecture), and you can progress to achieve a full university degree. Upon completion of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to: Regenerate & help design outdoors spaces across the UK. If you are applying through the Second Career Strategy, please apply at the Employment Training Centre for Second Career (Progress Campus). Industry-standard facilities - You'll be studying at our Millennium Point campus in City Centre, where facilities have undergone a £6.5 million investment. The Architectural Technologies program is designed to enable graduates to be able to perform and manage the fundamental duties of a junior architectural technologist. The New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Technology will give you the skills to design and produce construction documentation for both residential and commercial buildings. This course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) and host the CIAT Centre of Excellence, and is also accredited by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). You may need a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card to work on a construction site. Program description. They provide technical guidance to clients and liaise with construction design teams to bring new structures to life. Take 2 minutes to sign up to PGS student services and reap the benefits… The chance to apply for one of our 15 exclusive PGS Bursaries Postgraduate and masters courses in Architectural Management. You must confirm your offer by the Deadline to Confirm noted in your Offer of Admission letter or your seat may be given to another applicant. Duties include: The expected salary for an architectural technican varies as you become more experienced. Architectural Drafting Technician certificate entrance requirements UPGRADING OPTIONS if you’re currently or recently employed as a draftsperson, our upgrading program allows you to complete your certificate requirements or to become proficient in a specific process or technique. If you are submitting transcripts to meet admission requirements, you must have the transcripts assessed by an independent credential assessment agency such as World Education Services (WES) or International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS). This three year course which enables students to become competent in preparing construction drawings and specifications for complex building types. They help to provide technical building models, created using current technology and traditional methods. This is a high demand field where practical application of knowledge is valuable to kick start your career. Once you successfully complete the BSc (Hons) Architectural Design and Technology degree, you'll graduate with diverse and rewarding career opportunities ahead of you. As an architectural technician, you could progress in your career to become an architectural technologist, which requires a slightly broader range of skills. You’ll need 1 - 2 A levels, or equivalent, for a foundation degree or HND. Students in this program prepare to work alongside architects, designers and project managers. Need advice on careers and apprenticeships? Last year, we compiled a list that focused mainly on constructive and material techniques. The two-year Architectural Technician Ontario College Diploma program teaches you the skills and techniques to enter a career in the architecture and construction fields. > Equivalent entry requirements explained. This course will support both the elective course and practicum course. Although some of these options have certain qualification requirements, many employers are more interested in people who are enthusiastic, willing to learn and can follow instructions. This diploma program will place a strong emphasis on energy-efficient, sustainable design and construction strategies, and protecting the environment. January registration begins mid-December Architectural technicians specialise in presenting building designs using technology. Throughout the course, you'll undertake architectural design projects that have a focus on design and technology. May registration begins mid-April. Gain a real advantage over other candidates in the job market: this degree equips you with a recognised professional qualification and latest industry thinking Additional skills which may benefit anyone considering a job as an architectural technician include: An architectural technician is responsible for supporting an architectural project from concept to completion. You can qualify as an architectural technician by taking a foundation degree or higher national diploma approved by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. Structural engineers design structures to withstand stresses and pressures imposed through environmental conditions and human use. There are several routes to becoming an architectural technician. You could gain this at school, or by working weekends and holidays with a company or relative who works as an architectural technician. Current Ontario high school students and graduates from Ontario high schools: Notify your guidance counsellor that you have applied to college and your school will forward transcripts to Centennial College via In the field of architecture and construction, online courses have grown exponentially. You can become an architectural technician or an architectural technologist by completing a Higher National Diploma (HND) or foundation degree in architectural technology, or in another subject related to the built environment. However, qualified graduates of this two-year Architectural Technician program may apply to transfer into the third year to complete the Architectural Technology program. Work experience is essential to gaining employment within the construction industry. I’ve studied other things in the 10 years I’ve been living in New Zealand and I’ve been working as a chef, but studying architectural technology means I can get into business flipping houses with my wife.” Many program faculty members are current industry practitioners. * Salaries have been collected from multiple industry sources and have been updated as of 2019. Knowledge of building materials, construction methods, structural design, mechanical and electrical services, building codes and zoning by-laws will round out your training. Build your timetable (web-register for courses) at Offers of Admission are sent by mail to eligible applicants. You could apply directly to an architectural company if you have an interest or previous experience in this type of work. When you receive your offer, you must login to your account at and confirm before the Deadline to Confirm noted in your offer letter. Listed below are the degrees from partnering institutions that are available for this program. You have not submitted your minimum fee payment by the deadline Explore the progression opportunities below, Go Construct provides resources for anyone looking for a career in the construction and built environment sector. Find out about the duties & salary here. Students will be equipped to work as an architectural technician in small-to-medium-scale building projects. Learning Objectives. As an architectural technician, you can participate in the design and development of the buildings that define our living and working environments using sustainable building practices and constructability techniques. 4 - 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English and maths (T level). Second Career Strategy is a funding initiative for those who have been laid-off and are in need of training. An Architectural technician is someone who can produce planning and construction drawings for you. You could complete a college course to become an architectural technician, such as a Level 3 Certificate in 3D Design, a Level 3 Diploma in Built Environment Design, or a T level in Design, Surveying and Planning. Architectural technicians are also known as Architectural technologists. Potential employers will always be pleased to see work experience listed on your CV. For example, as an employee of an architectural firm, you may assist with preparing design and construction drawings and carry out contract … Architecture Courses. You could start your career as an architectural assistant and complete qualifications part-time to help you become an architectural technician or technologist. This two-year Architectural Technician program will prepare you to work alongside architects, designers, contractors and builders. Romanov Romanov Architects Inc., Hunt Design Associates Inc., Lapointe Architects, Cassidy & Company Architectural Technologists. Please review the following pdf for the computer specifications needed for … You could complete a university or college course, an apprenticeship or apply directly to an employer for work. With an architectural technology degree, you can work alongside architects and engineers to transform large-scale concepts into reality. The fee is payable online, by telephone, online banking, by mail, or in-person to Fees noted below are estimates only. Architectural Technicians are responsible for bringing together the elements of ... More information - Architectural technician. Apply directly to Centennial College here. Once you have paid your fees or have made appropriate arrangements, register for your courses online through myCentennial. Learn more about the role here. You will gain the theoretical and project-based skills required within a modern architectural practice, including an excellent understanding of managing projects from conception through to completion. Prerequisite(s): COMM 2256 With an exceptional track record for graduate employability, this course has a longstanding reputation for nurturing high-calibre and forward-thinking architectural technologists. Online Architectural Technology Degrees and Courses. Architectural Technicians are responsible for solving any potential design problems before construction starts. *. Read on for more information about classes and degrees, coursework and job prospects. If you are passionate about architecture and the technology that surrounds design in the built environment, then this innovative BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology course is for you. Discover more about the role & qualifications needed to become a Landscape Architect. Your time will be split between on-the-job experience and a college or training provider. Technicians have typically studied an HND/HNC before applying for a job, but there are a few apprenticeships available. After an additional period of suitable experience, students will be able to work on larger and more complex building projects. New opportunities will be posted as they come up. Researching new design processes, building legislation and technology. Other trainees may first need to qualify as an architectural technician as part of their progress to full chartered status. Fees statements are not mailed. Hours and salary depend on location, employer and any overtime you may do. All Rights Reserved. There is a strong emphasis on environmental studies ensuring awareness of energy saving measures in detailing and construction throughout the course. We showcase the many rewarding opportunities available and help people from all backgrounds to enter an exciting and growing industry which has a huge impact on the UK’s housing, industry and infrastructure. Building technicians are involved in all elements of construction projects, from developing plans to assessing project progress. What is an Architectural technician? While our campuses remained closed to most students/staff, many services and supports are offered online via our COVID-19 Information Centre. Bachelor of Business Administration - General Business. You could complete a college course to become an architectural technician, such as a Level 3 Certificate in 3D Design, a Level 3 Diploma in Built Environment Design, or a T level in Design, Surveying and Planning. Interesting stories and tips for past, present and future students. Nan Zhang - Architectural Technology “I decided to do this course because of the TV show Fixer upper. If you hold a relevant Higher National Diploma (HND) or Higher National Certificate (HNC) you may be able to become fully qualified as a chartered architectural technologist. By clicking Submit, you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy. The BIM Technician responsible for putting all information & designs into 1 set of computer models. This course continues to develop the skills required for effective communication in other courses of the Architectural and Building Technology program, and in the workplace. Brighton Architectural Design and Building Technician diploma will be granted upon successfully completion of all courses. Graduates of college/university, or high school outside Ontario but within Canada: You are responsible for requesting that your educational institute sends any required documents and transcripts to This course is focused on how building code requirements relate to the architectural design of buildings. Please note that each partnership has a specific minimum grade requirement in order to qualify for transferring credits, which are assessed by the partner institution. You could specialise to work as a building modelling information (BIM) technician or continue studying to become a fully qualified architect. A project-based curriculum that focuses on a different building type each semester, and a strong foundation in technical skills and knowledge prepare you for the job market. All other applicants must apply online at Awareness of how buildings and spaces are used, Collating and organising technical building information from architects, Preparing designs using CAD (computer aided design) software and traditional drawing methods, Investigating and offering technical advice on factors that affect building developments, including user needs, site and building surveys, and regulatory requirements, Monitoring designs for health and safety and contributing to risk assessments, Preparing specifications for construction work, Preparing drawings, plans, and documents for statutory approvals, Preparing applications for approval by regulatory bodies, Contributing to meetings and document preparation. Please visit our website at for more information on articulation agreements. Click here to learn about the role, skill & salary. You received a Conditional Offer of Admission and you have not met the conditions of your offer. You'll learn to use state-of-the-art computer technology as well as prepare designs and construction drawings for residential, industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. You could train to become a digital engineering technician or do an advanced apprenticeship in built environment and design. Projects are supported through lectures, workshops and seminars covering building technology, structures, environmental science, low-energy design, the contemporary construction sector and professional practice. © 2021 CITB. These programs are two-year diploma programs that prepare students for work in the construction industry, alongside architects, engineers, contractors and other professionals. This diploma program is two years in length, consisting of four 15-week semesters. For more information go to Submitting your Transcripts. In the fourth semester, you refine your skills in a comprehensive capstone project. For the best experience please use a JavaScript enabled browser. Membership in the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario (AATO), Building Code Identification Number (BCIN), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professional credential, Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older), English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required) or take the Centennial College, Mathematics Grade 11 M or U, or 12 C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required) or take a Centennial College. Please visit our website at for more information on education partners. Technology. Please visit our website at for a full listing of our current accreditations. Most architectural technologist courses do not request specific subjects at A level (or equivalent), although the CIAT recommends you choose science, technology and/or construction subjects. Seven Tricks Behind Your Favourite Video Games ... © 2021 Centennial College. Architectural Technicians are responsible for solving any potential design probl... More information - Architectural technologist, Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists(CIAT), 4 - 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent (level 3 course). Centennial fees statements are sent by email to your personal email account and to your myCentennial email account. The different demands of an architectural technician mean that every day is different. You should explore these routes to becoming an architectural technician, to find out which is the right one for you. For more information go to Application Fees. They provide architectural design services and solutions on construction projects. Every day they work with private clients, Architects, property developers and property investors. You must make a minimum payment by the Fees Deadline noted in your Fees Statement or your seat may be given to another applicant. 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Your course should be approved by the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists(CIAT). What is the BSc in Architectural Technology course? Prospective students are strongly encouraged to apply for the full three-year Architectural Technology program. Centennial College's Architectural Technician program will prepare you for a variety of careers in the building industry. A strong emphasis on energy-efficient design and other sustainable design strategies responds to a growing demand in the building industry. 4 - 5 GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C), or equivalent, including English and maths (T level). In this role, you’ll become more involved in the design and construction process and in contract management. Fall registration begins mid-July Your professors are industry professionals who provide you with a learning experience from the construction industry and the architectural profession, enabling you to be successful in your academic and professional ventures. People who searched for Architectural Technologist: Education Requirements and Career Info found the following information relevant and useful. Architectural technologists are key members of architectural teams who translate design concepts into graphic images, ... ensure that courses are current and relevant to the skills required in the workplace. Search permanent and contract roles, find apprenticeships. You could complete an apprenticeship to become an architectural technician or architectural technologist. Please Note: Architectural Technician is also offered in person. An apprenticeship with an architectural practice or construction company is a good way into the industry. Architecture programs generally fall into one of two categories: Architectural Technician. You may also work in drafting, design or sales for a building material manufacturer or supplier. Click here for a detailed job & training description. The course is ideal for those in junior architectural roles who wish to broaden their knowledge of architectural design and technology to advance their career into more senior positions. Apprenticeships are open to anyone over the age of 16. As an apprentice, you’ll be fully employed by your company and expected to work a minimum of 30 hours a week. A non-refundable application fee of $95 must accompany applications. Students will acquire a sound knowledge base of how to locate, comprehend, and apply information from the Alberta Building Code and apply this information in the design of architectural buildings. Program faculty members hold advanced degrees, licenses or credentials in architecture, architectural technology, building science, engineering and green building. As an architectural technician, you’d be working with architects to help develop building models, ahead of construction taking place. The course is flexible, you can choose to study from one, two or all three modules to suit your requirements. For example, as an employee of an architectural firm, you may assist with preparing design and construction drawings and carry out contract administration tasks during the construction phase. Architectural technologists, and software management skills they possess, are highly-sought by industry, both in the UK and overseas.