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35K likes. Just answer a question correctly to be in for a chance of winning a Calor mini-BBQ. Order Online Heaters, BBQs, Water Heaters, Tumble Dryers, LPG Cookers & Hobs Calor Ireland, Dublin 12, Ireland. • ONLY use the ‘Calor Mini BBQ’ on a flat LEVEL non-flammable surface or ground. Buy Gas Bottles Our strong belief in this new outdoor eating experience inspired us to direct a photo-shoot conveying this simple, yet powerful story. Grand Hall Bel Air 4 Burner BBQ K0400104A € 579.00 € 499.00 Add to basket Calor Mini BBQ - Fully self contained unit with integrated gas storage. to answer your queries and bring you the latest Calor news. • When positioning, ensure the unit is a minimum of 1 metre from flammable items or structure.   Specially designed and manufactured by Calor, it's lightweight, portable and seriously stylish. Calor Mini BBQ Red Barbeque with Regulator for mini Gas, portable bbq, portable barbeque , lightweight barbeque, bbq for the beach, park bbq - Can be carried with handle or fabric shoulder strap provided. - Designed for complete portability. This self-contained outdoor cooking solution has a unique lid which doubles as a chopping board when you’re out and about. - Integrated chopping board for food preparation. - High grade stainless steel burner with integrated ignition. Enjoy the summer with some barbecue with the family! Welcome to the official Calor Ireland Facebook Page. - Cast aluminium cooking grill. • This ‘Calor Mini BBQ’ is not … • AVOID using the ‘Calor Mini BBQ’ in violent winds. The Outdoor Scene is Ireland's favourite retailer for high quality Garden Furniture, Outdoor Lighting, Barbeques and beyond. Most importantly, it's the smartest piece of outdoor cooking kit you'll ever need. Berghoff Ceramic BBQ Oven 13″ Orange 2415705 € 329.00 Read more; Sahara Mini BBQ Red € 169.00 Read more; GRAND HALL XENON 3 GAS BARBECUE € 459.00 Read more; Sale! The Outdoor Scene has everything you need to make your outdoor entertaining area fantastic. Calor Appliances is operated by Hamilton Gas Products Limited (NI053912), a joint venture partner of Calor Gas, whose registered office is at 7 Balloo Crescent, Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, BT19 7WP. Over 14K Members - become a comper today. Buy Gas Products Securely from Calor with Fast, FREE Delivery over £90. The Calor Mini-BBQ is advertised as a versatile take anywhere BBQ, ideal for days out at the beach, picnics or anywhere you fancy some impromptu alfresco dining. Our team is online Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-5p.m. Take advantage of nationwide delivery on all orders The Outdoor Scene is located at: Goatstown Cross, Goatstown, Dublin 14, Ireland 14th June 2016 / My hubby and I share the same birthday week (this week) and we’ve bought ourselves a gift…We love to BBQ and we love entertaining and we’ve been suffering with a sorry excuse for a BBQ for the past two years. The Calor Mini BBQ Review: Best invention for foodies, EVER! The perfect time for Calor to launch the Mini-BBQ in Ireland and the UK with brand building product design and communications.
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