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Grid. Covenant Dance is the fourteenth track in the Halo: Combat Evolved Original Soundtrack. 0. 0. Yes, I used buhfreaking in a word. Enjoy the meme '*halo ce covenant dance intensifies*' uploaded by Danklord9999. Halo CE Covenant Dance . Key (Auto Detect) Auto Scroll. Abso-buhfreaking-lutely awesome. I like this one 2. Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote. Key (Auto Detect) Auto Scroll. Author Comments. ... Halo CE=My Favorite! XDBobSaget 2010-11-14 18:09:57. Covenant Dance is the fourteenth piece included in the Halo: Original Soundtrack.. Overview []. The Covenant will ignore you and dance unless you fire upon them. Do you mean that you will make a mod in Deserts of Kharak as well? As its name implies, the piece is carried by a strong dance beat. @hollyhood-rockstarz-int: Thank you, man! The Covenant was a political, military, and religious affiliation, originally a mutual alliance between the San'Shyuum and Sangheili following a brutal conflict between the two warring races. Check out Lucent's Guide to Online Sequencer. Add Audio Track. Title. Check out Lucent's Guide to Online Sequencer. Record keyboard and MIDI inputs. The Covenant Empire, also referred to simply as the Covenant, was a theocratic hegemony made up of multiple alien species that maintained control over a large portion of the Orion Arm in the Milky Way galaxy. When recording, gives a 4 beat lead in. Add to Cart THIS IS A PRE ... Covenant Dance Rock Anthem for Saving the World The Maw On a Pale Horse The Long Run Suite Autumn Shadows Dust and Echoes Halo Composed by Viktor Kraus ... it makes me feel nostalgic because of the good times i spent playing halo CE but it makes me happy that u captured the main essence of halo which is the music. Grid. At 00:16, the beat becomes underlaid to a more dominant snare-drum beat. Make tunes … Halo CE Demastered by Viktor Kraus. Halo-Covenant Dance FloodRemix Share Download this song. BPM. Snap recorded notes to the grid. Play a metronome. mynameis312 2008-07-07 11:27:01. lol. favourite halo song. 1. Title. OnlineSequencer.net is an online music sequencer. Regular price €30,00 Sale price €0,00 Quantity. Users who like Covenant Dance (Halo CE Soundtrack) (Cover) This is a list of times this track plays in-game: First appears on the level The Truth and Reconciliation. Instrument. 1. BPM. Add Audio Track. 2012-10-13T16:04:43Z Comment by Hollyhood Rockstarz Int. Memedroid: the best site to see, rate and share funny memes! Good work! Time signature. Instrument. **Covenant Dance** Share Download this song. Raygoza Feb 11 2016. GAH!!! 2012-10-13T15:40:14Z. (all modded stuff, if u wanna see a video i made of it just pm me) kj010203040506 2008-08-09 15:56:06. i love halo! Use a typing keyboard to play along! For a song as simplistic as Covenant Dance (which the original Halo: CE version is mainly percussion, vocals and a synth), this is really well done. this song it's good i like halo! Author Comments. I tried to stay as close as possible to the original. Halo CE Covenant Dance by HAHAHA. 2013-02-07T14:54:53Z Comment by Soundshaper Studios | Musicproduction.
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