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The ancient market town of Hartlepool lies on a peninsula which forms the termination of a southeastward sweep of the coast and embraces the bay. The city's park system includes the Western Promenade, on Bramhall Hill; the Eastern Promenade, on Munjoy Hill; Fort Allen Park, at the south extremity of the latter promenade; Fort Sumner, another small park farther west, on the same hill; Lincoln Park, containing 2 acres of beautiful grounds near the centre of the city; Deering's Oaks (made famous by Longfellow), the principal park (50 acres) on the peninsula, with many fine old trees, pleasant drives, and an artificial pond used for boating; and Monument Square and Boothby Square. A branch of the Great Indian Peninsula railway traverses the north of the country. Tambora, forming a minor peninsula east of Sumbawa Bay, is said to have lost a third of its elevation in the eruption of 1815, but is still 9055 ft. Sumbawa proper occupies the western peninsula. Peninsula definition is - a portion of land nearly surrounded by water and connected with a larger body by an isthmus; also : a piece of land jutting out into the water whether with or without a well-defined isthmus. The Balsaminaceae may be named as being rare in the eastern region and very abundant in the peninsula. around the peninsula are spanned by causeways and bridges, East Boston only, that the harbours may be open to the navyyard at Charlestown, being reached by ferry (1870), and by the electric subway under the harbour. OLD POINT COMFORT, a summer and winter resort, in Elizabeth City county, Virginia, U.S.A., at the southern end of a narrow, sandy peninsula projecting into Hampton Roads (at the mouth of the James river), about 12 m. The expedition which settled Jamestown rounded this peninsula (April 26, 1607), opened its sealed instructions here, and named the peninsula Poynt Comfort, in recognition of the sheltered harbour. On the south the coast-line is far more irregular, the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the China Sea reaching about to the northern tropic at the mouths of the Indus, of the Ganges and of the Canton river; while the great peninsulas of Arabia, Hindostan and Cambodia descend to about 10° N., and the Malay peninsula extends within a degree and a half of the equator. The week on the Monterey peninsula in California is always a tricky one.. Moseley was in Australia with the British Association in 1914 when the World War broke out; he returned to England, obtained a commission in the Royal Engineers, and was killed by a Turkish bullet on the Gallipoli peninsula on Aug. from its western extremity, on the isthmus of the Akrotiri peninsula, which lies between the Bay of Canea and the Bay of Suda (latitude 35° 31' N., longitude 24° i' E.). Byzantium); others as in the Hejaz were ruled in smaller communities by members of leading families, while in various parts of the peninsula were wandering Arabs still maintaining the traditions of old family and tribal rule, forming no state, sometimes passing, as suited them, under the influence and protection of one or another of the greater powers. A change of climate, however, is imperatively necessary every five or six years, and the children of European parents should not be kept in the peninsula after they have attained the age of four or five years. There were also not wanting inducements for the Allies to attempt a landing near Bulair, seeing that a victory at that point would carry with it the severance of the Turkish land communications with the peninsula. Politically the Malay Peninsula is divided into four sections: the colony of the Straits Settlements and the Federated Malay States; the independent Malay State of Johor, which is within the British sphere of influence; the non-federated states under British protection; and the groups of states to the north of Perak and Pahang which are now recognized as lying within the sphere of influence of Siam. The region most thoroughly explored is Yemen, in the southwest corner of the peninsula, where the labours of a succession of travellers from Niebuhr in 1761 to E. aastly, in the northwest the Sinai peninsula has been thoroughly explored, and the list of travellers who have visited the Holy Cities and traversed the main pilgrim routes through Hejaz is a fairly long one, though, owing to the difficulties peculiar to that region, the hydrography of southern Hejaz is still incompletely known. 41. With these facts it has to be noticed that many of the principal forms of the eastern flora are absent or comparatively rare in the peninsula and Ceylon. Contract tablets have been found dated in the years of the campaigns against Palestine and Sarlak, king of Gutium or Kurdistan, and copper is mentioned as being brought from Magan or the Sinaitic peninsula. the south-west from the highland districts of southern China, which has produced so many recruits for the peopling of the Indo-Chinese peninsula. The Egyptian pilgrim route from Cairo, across the Sinai peninsula and down the Midian coast to El Wijh, joins the Syrian route at Badr Hunen. The presence of the Sakai, a people of the Mon-Khmer stock, in the interior of the peninsula has also been considered as one of many proofs that the Malays intruded from the south and approached the 004° D peninsula by means of a sea-route, since had they swept down from the north, being driven thence by the people of a stronger breed, it might be expected that the fringe of country dividing the two contending races would be inhabited by men of the more feeble stock. In Novaya Zemlya and the Taimyr peninsula, it projects within the Arctic Circle as far as 77° 6' and 77° 40' N. But it excludes Manchuria, with the Liao-tung peninsula and Port Arthur, upon which Russia only placed her grasp in 1898-99, a grasp which she was compelled by Japan to release after the war of 1904-5. He fought in the Peninsula War and at the Battle of Waterloo. The peculiar outline of Florida gives it the name of " Peninsula State.". Examples of peninsular in a sentence: 1. Dompo is the western half of the eastern peninsula. in a southerly direction, which, spreading outwards as they go south, reach the sea at various points in Cochin- Indo- China, the Malay peninsula, and the east flank of Bengal. The peninsula was, roughly speaking, divided into principalities and sovereign cities, each of which claimed autocratic j urisdiction. north-west; 1 (2) ordinary Berbers, dolichocephalous, and of brown complexion, found over the greater part of Tunisia, especially in the east and south centre; (3) the short-headed Berbers, found in part of the Matmata country, part of the Sahara, the island of Jerba, the Cape Bon Peninsula, and the vicinity of Susa, Kairwan, and Sfax; (4) Berbers of a blond type, that is to say, with a tendency to brown or yellow moustaches, brown beard and head hair, and grey eyes. It lies on the north-west of the peninsula of Leitimor, and has a safe and commodious anchorage. The Asiatic elephant inhabits the forest-lands of India, Burma, the Malay Peninsula, Cochin China, Ceylon and Sumatra. It stands on undulating and easily drained ground, upon a bed of sandstone rock, on a peninsula jutting into one of the deepest, safest and most beautiful harbours in the world; and in addition it lies in the centre of a great carboniferous area. At his own request he was ordered east, and on the 23rd of September 1861 was made brigadier-general of volunteers and assigned to command a brigade in the Army of the Potomac. 7278). Below 500 fathoms the western centres of maximum disappear, and higher temperatures occur in the eastern Atlantic off the Iberian peninsula and north-western Africa down to at least 1000 fathoms; at still greater depths temperature gradually becomes more and more uniform. The occupation of these topmost ridges must greatly assist in a further advance across the peninsula here at its narrowest point. The coast from the southern extremity of the Californian peninsula to Cape Mendocino had been discovered by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and Francisco de Ulloa in 1539. Magnificent caves are found on both slopes of the peninsula, those at Batu in Selangor being the finest on the west coast, while those of Chadu and Koto Glanggi in Pahang are the most extensive yet visited by Europeans on the east coast. SAMLAND, a peninsula of Germany, in the province of East Prussia, on the Baltic. The triple summit of Beacon Hill, of which no trace remains to-day (or possibly a reference to the three hills of the then peninsula, Beacon, Copp's and Fort) led to the adoption of the name Trimountaine for the peninsula,-a name perpetuated variously in present municipal nomenclature as in Tremont; but on the 17th of September 1630, the date adopted for anniversary celebrations, it was ordered that " Trimountaine shall be called Boston," after the borough of that name in Lincolnshire, England, of which several of the leading settlers had formerly been prominent citizens.'. The result of trans-border surveys to the north and west of India has been to establish the important geographical fact that it is by two gateways only, one on the north-west and one on the west of India, that the central Asiatic tides of immigration have flowed into the peninsula. Shishman's son Samuel (976-1014) captured Durazzo; he extended his sway over a great part of the Balkan Peninsula, but was eventually defeated in 1014 by the emperor Basil II., who put out the eyes of 1.5,000 Bulgarian prisoners. One force was to be put ashore about the extremity of the peninsula - an area which it is convenient to designate as " Helles.". The worst governed part of the peninsula was the south, where feudalism lay heavily on the cultivators and corruption pervaded all ranks. long, on the north shore, between the peninsula of Prince Edward, near the eastern extremity of the lake, and the mainland. (359-336 B.C. Skirting the low shores of this gulf, all the way round its upper half to the Roper, Leichhardt crossed Arnheim Land to the Alligator river, which he descended to the western shore of the peninsula, and arrived at Port Victoria, otherwise Port Essington, after a journey of 3000 m., performed within a year and three months. The Sinai Peninsula is a desert region between the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. coast of the peninsula, and the wooded sections of the S., which have not been thoroughly explored. Some of them had been on the peninsula for months. 20. (1) Korean peninsula lies to the west of Japan. They moreover enjoyed an even more marked superiority in respect to artillery, and this the Ottoman commander-in-chief hastened to turn to account; the heavier guns which had been sweeping the Anzac and Suvla areas for months past were promptly transferred to the high ground overlooking the extremity of the peninsula or to positions on the Asiatic side of the Straits from which the extremity of the peninsula could be effectively taken in flank. (4) I had walked around the entire peninsula. All Rights Reserved, 150 More Commonly Mispelled Misspelled Words in English. Charles now sought to increase his authority in Italy, where Frankish counts were set over various districts, and where Hildebrand, duke of Spoleto, appears to have recognized his overlordship. The merchant road splits in the lands of the Saturiwa, one fork heading south into the Timacua Peninsula and the other turning west. There is considerable reason to think, however, that the more frequent ports of call in the Straits of Malacca were situated in Sumatra, rather than on the shores of the Malay Peninsula, and two famous medieval travellers, Marco Polo and Ibn Batuta, both called and wintered at the former, and make scant mention of the latter. 2. They do not represent the opinions of Francis, still engaged in his lifelong task of making head against Charles V., was only too glad of the opportunity to strengthen his influence in the Italian peninsula, while Clement, ever needful of help against his too powerful protector, was equally ready to hold out a bait. ...I walked round the entire peninsula. The district is crossed by the main line and also by the chord line of the Great Indian Peninsula railway. snowy to about 27° N., flow the great rivers of the Indo-Chinese peninsula, the Mekong, the Menam, the Salween, and the Irrawaddy, the valleys of which form the main portions of the states of CochinChina (including Tongking and Cambodia), of Siam (including Laos) and of Burma. The confusion was aggravated by the incursion of the Gauls into the Balkan Peninsula in 279; Ptolemy Ceraunus perished, and a period of complete anarchy succeeded in Macedonia. Albanian is peculiarly interesting as the only surviving representative of the so-called Thraco-Illyrian group of languages which formed the primitive speech of the peninsula. Mr Kennedy lost his life in 1848, being killed by the natives while attempting to explore the peninsula of Cape York, from Rockingham Bay to Weymouth Bay. In the Balkan Peninsula a slight change of attitude took place. They seem almost entirely to have exhausted their northward velocity by the time they have reached the northern extremity of the great Indian plain; they are not felt on the table-lands of Afghanistan, and hardly penetrate into the Indus basin or the ranges of the Himalaya, by which mountains, and those which branch off from them into the Malay peninsula, they are prevented from continuing their progress in the direction originally imparted to them. The rocks of Falcon are believed by Sievers to belong to the Andean system; while the outlying peninsula of Paraguana probably belongs, geologically, to the same massif as Goajira and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria in Colombia. At the end of this century and a half, five principal powers divided the peninsula; and their confederated action during the next forty-five years (1447-1492) secured for Italy a season of peace and brilliant pro,sperity. The elongated hilly island of Olkhon, and the peninsula of Svyatoi Nos, which forms its continuation on the opposite eastern shore, divide the lake into two basins. It separates the Frisches Haff on the W. It may be conjectured that the Pineta grew on a large peninsula somewhat resembling the Lida of Venice. The Persian invasions of Darius and Xerxes, with the consequent importance of maritime strength and the capacity for distant enterprise, as compared with that of purely military superiority in the Greek peninsula, caused a considerable loss of prestige which Sparta was unwilling to recognize. At that time a " bookish recluse," William Blaxton (Blackstone), one of the several " old planters " scattered about the bay, had for several years been living on Boston peninsula. It stood on a small rocky peninsula with a natural harbour on the northern side and an open but serviceable bay on the southern; and from this position acquired the epithet of SLoroµos, or the two-mouthed. The peninsula between the Bay of Sevastopol and the Black Sea was known in the 7th century as the Heracleotic Chersonese. Hav itself is imagined to be a cosmopolitan small independent peninsula located somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean. The population of the peninsula numbers about 2,000,000, of whom about 600,000 inhabit the colony of the Straits Settlements, about 900,000 the Federated Malay States, about 200,000 the Malay State of Johor, and about 250,000 to 300,000 the remainder of the peninsula. The possessions of the sultan in Europe now consist of a strip of territory stretching continuously across the Balkan Peninsula from the Bosporus to the Adriatic (29° to' to 19° 20' E.), and lying in the east mainly between 40° and 42° and in the west between 39 0 and 43° N. While Miinnich conducted a systematic devastation of the peninsula, forces were detached under his lieutenants Leontiev and Lascy to attack Kinburn (Kilburun) and Azov. The peninsula portion of Falmouth was incorporated as a distinct town in 1786 and was named Portland. One British and one French division were moved from the peninsula to Salonika early in Oct., but an additional Australian division had arrived a few weeks earlier. Gastaldo (1548) presents us with a map of Italy, which, except as to nomenclature, differs but little from that of Ptolemy, although on the Portolano charts the peninsula had long since assumed its correct shape. The rest of the southern coast west as far as 124° E., with the exception of the southern projection of Eyre Peninsula, which receives from 10 to 20 in., belongs to the 1 The literature of the geology of Australia is enumerated, to 1884, in the bibliography by Etheridge and Jack. 2- A humid climate is characteristic of the peninsula . YUCATAN, a peninsula of Central America forming the S.E. This does not include any rivers in Region 6 (South Sound/Olympic peninsula).. by the ranges of Grammos and Pindus; the entire chain, a prolongation of the Alpine systems of Bosnia and Dalmatia, may be described as the backbone of the peninsula; it forms the watershed between the Aegean and the Adriatic, and culminates in the lofty peak of Liubotrn, near Kalkandele, one of the highest summits in south-eastern Europe (8858 ft.). Such a reduction of temperature is brought about along the greater part of the coasts of India and of the BurmoSiamese peninsula by the interruption of the wind current by continuous ranges of mountains, which force the mass of air to rise over them, whereby the air being rarefied, its specific capacity for heat is increased and its temperature falls, with a corresponding condensation of the vapour originally held in suspension. In 1851 Mr Lafone's interest in Lafonia, as the peninsula came to be called, was purchased for £30,000 by the Falkland Islands Company, which had been incorporated by charter in the same year. portion of Asia and its outlying islands, representatives of which are also still to be found in the Malay Peninsula and the Philippines. Provincial "juntas" (committees of government) were organized; appeals for assistance made to the British government, which granted arms, money and supplies, and it was resolved to despatch a British force to the Peninsula. almost the narrowest portion of the Gallipoli Peninsula fell to the ground. This race is believed to form the basis of the people of the Indian peninsula, and of some of the hill tribes of central India, to whom the name Dravidian has been given, and by its admixture with the Melanochroic group to have given rise to the ordinary population of the Indian provinces. It is at the north-west extremity of the Cape Peninsula on the south shore of Table Bay, is 6181 m. Most of the suburbs and the city itself are exposed to the southeast winds which, passing over the flats which join the Cape Peninsula to the mainland, reach the city sand-laden. It has a river-frontage of 4.1 m., the Thames making two deep bends, enclosing the Isle of Dogs on the north and a similar peninsula on the Greenwich side. Betweei this coast and the southern extremity of the Korean peninsula an situated the islands of Iki and Tsushima, the latter being onl~ 30 m. Old schists, free from fossils and rich in quartz, overlie it in parallel chains through the whole length of the peninsula, especially in the central and highest ridges, and bear the ores of Chu-goku (the central provinces), principally copper pyrites and magnetic pyrites. Tejo), the longest river of the Iberian Peninsula. His adversary had perforce to disperse the defending troops, so that on the morning when the land campaign started two of the Turkish divisions (3rd and lath) were watching the outer coast on the Asiatic side, two (5th and 7th) were near Bulair to provide against a landing at the neck of the Peninsula, while the remaining two (9th and 19th) under Essad Pasha guarded the places where, in the event, the Allied army made its appearance. The following are the chief islands: - Thasos, in the extreme north, off the Macedonian coast; Samothrace, fronting the Gulf of Saros; Imbros and Lemnos, in prolongation of the peninsula of Gallipoli (Thracian Chersonese); Euboea, the largest of all, lying close along the east coast of Greece; the Northern Sporades, including Sciathos, Scopelos and Halonesos, running out from the southern extremity of the Thessalian coast, and Scyros, with its satellites, north-east of Euboea; Lesbos and Chios; Samos and Nikaria; Cos, with Calymnos to the north; all off Asia Minor, with the many other islands of the Sporades; and, finally, the great group of the Cyclades, of which the largest are Andros and Tenos, Naxos and Paros. The name refers to the Iberian Peninsula. All the old codes of the Peninsula, as well as the laws of the Indies and special royal decrees and schedules, were in force in the colony. The peninsula is almost wholly composed of a bed of coralline and porous limestone rocks, forming a low tableland, which rises gradually toward the S. In 1525 the inland part of the peninsula was raversed by Cortes during an expedition to Honduras. moschatus, a native of the Pyrenees and the Spanish peninsula, is a cream-coloured subspecies of great beauty with several forms. Reconnaissance had brought to light the extent to which the Turks were making preparations to repel attempted landings, both on the Gallipoli Peninsula, and on the Asiatic coast adjacent to the mouth of the Straits; and everything pointed to the expeditionary force having to start work by fighting its way ashore. Moratalla is built on a mountainous peninsula, almost surrounded by the Grande and Benamor, small rivers which meet and flow eastward to join the Segura. They are skilful hunters, however, catch fish by in geniously constructed traps, and live almost entirely on jungle-roots of these people is found in Upper Perak, and the members of this clan have acquired some knowledge of the art of planting, &c. They they have been raided by the latter, and many Negritos are to be found in captivity in some of the Malayan villages on the eastern side of the peninsula. For any aboriginal race inhabiting these countries, such important articles of diet as the duri-an, &c., could not fail to be among the first natural objects to receive a name, and thus we find primary terms in use among the Sakai and Semang, the aborigines of the Peninsula, to describe these fruits. Towards the close of the 9th century Arabia was disturbed by the rise of a new movement which during the next hundred years dominated the peninsula, and at its close left it shattered never to be united again. On the north and north-west the Aures mountains of Algeria are prolonged into Tunisia, and constitute the mountainous region of the north, which lies between the Majerda river and the sea, and also includes the vicinity of the city of Tunis and the peninsula of the Dakhelat el Mawin, which terminates in Ras Addar (Cape Bon). the flying fox; the python, the cobra, and many other varieties of snake, including the hamadryad; the alligator, the otter and the gavial, as well as countless kinds of squirrel, rat, &c., are found throughout the jungles of the peninsula in great numbers. Justice Paul Coghlan will decide Taylor’s sentence for manslaughter. Within this area Great Britain has exclusive jurisdiction, and is represented by a commissioner under the colonial office; and has, besides, the right to erect fortifications, station troops and take any other measures necessary for defensive purposes at any points on or near the coast in that part of the peninsula east of 121 0 40' E. It would be impossible to enumerate here all the monographs describing, for example, the ruins of Carthage, those of the temple of the waters at Mount Zaghuan, the amphitheatre of El Jem (Thysdrus), the temple of Saturn, the royal tomb and the theatre of Dugga (Thugga), the bridge of Chemtu (Simitthu), the ruins and cemeteries of Tebursuk and Medeina (Althiburus), the rich villa of the Laberii at Wadna (Uthina), the sanctuary of Saturn Balcaranensis on the hill called Bu-KornaIn, the ruins of the district of Enfida (Aphrodisium, Uppenna, Segermes), those of Leptis minor (Lemta), of Thenae (near Sfax), those of the island of Meninx (Jerba), of the peninsula of Zarzis, of Mactar, Sbeitla (Sufetula), Gigthis (Bu-Grara), Gafsa (Capsa), Kef (Sicca Veneria), Bulla Regia, &c. DHRANGADRA, a native state of India, in the Gujarat division of Bombay, situated in the north of the peninsula of Kathiawar. There are 32 example sentences for peninsula. On the east coast the fall is far less, nowhere rising to 50 in., and towards the southern apex of the peninsula being reduced to 25 or 30 in. The capture of Mecca (630) was not only an evidence of his growing power, which induced Arabs throughout the peninsula to join him, but gave him a valuable centre of pilgrimage, in which he was able by a politic adoption of some of the heathen Arabian ceremonies into his own rites to win men over the more easily to his own cause. in the peninsula, he signed the league of Venice in March 1495, and about the same time arranged a marriage between his son Philip and Joanna, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella, king and queen of Castile and Aragon. The forms of life characteristic of India and the Malay peninsula come down to the island of Bali. Broadly speaking, all the brown races which inhabit the portion of Asia south of Siam and Indo-China, and the islands from the Philippines to Java, and from Sumatra to Timor, may be described as belonging to the Malayan family, if the aboriginal tribes, such as the Sakai and Semang in the Malay Peninsula, the Bataks in Sumatra, and the Muruts in Borneo, be excepted. ==Fauna== The wild animals of Arabia are all of the desert-loving type: antelopes and gazelles are found in small numbers throughout the peninsula; the latter are similar to the chikara or ravine deer of India. 2- peninsular War The 88th Foot landed in Portugal 13 March 1809. Climate, &c. - It was formerly the custom to speak of the Malay Peninsula as an unhealthy climate, and even to compare it with the west coast of Africa. trending in national. Example sentences for "peninsula" in popular movie and book plots. Elsewhere in the Peninsula during this year, Blake, now in Catalonia, after routing Suchet at Alcaniz (May 23, 1809), was defeated by him at Maria (June 15) and at Belchite (June 18); Venegas, by King Joseph and Sebastiani, at Almonacid on the 11th of August; Del Parque (20,000), after a previous victory near Salamanca (Oct. A branch of the Rajputana railway, from Achnera to Hathras, crosses the district; the chord line of the East India, from Agra to Delhi, traverses it from north to south; and a new line, connecting with the Great Indian Peninsula, was opened in 1905. The hilly peninsula, to which Portland was confined until the annexation of the town of Deering in 1899, is nearly 3 m. Congress Street, the principal thoroughfare, extends along the middle of the peninsula north-east and south-west and from one end of it to the other, passing in the middle of its course through the shopping district. Hamilton made Imbros his headquarters, and troops also were sometimes collected there owing to its vicinity both to Helles and to Anzac. In the Malay Peninsula the blood of a murdered man must be put in a bottle and prayers said over; after seven days of this worship a sound is heard and the operator puts his finger into the bottle for the polong, as the demon is called, to suck; it will fly through the air in the shape of an exceedingly diminutive female figure, and is always preceded by its pet, the pelesit, in the shape of a grasshopper. ITALY (Italia), the name1 applied both in ancient and in modern times to the great peninsula that projects from the mass of central Europe far to the south into the Mediterranean Sea, where the island of Sicily may be considered as a continuation of he continental promontory. It is the smallest of all the species, and its geographical range is nearly the same as that of the Javan species, though not extending into Java; it has been found in Assam, Chittagong, Burma, the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo. In Dalmatia the Venetians III were too strong for her; but she helped materially to break up the Byzantine rule in the Balkan peninsula by assisting Stephen Nemanya to establish an independent Servian kingdom, originally under nominal Hungarian suzerainty. in thickness, occupying undulating hollows in the underlying gneiss, and dip towards the Noursoak Peninsula at 20°, when the overlying Atanakerdluk strata come in. Examples of peninsular in a sentence, how to use it. By a treaty made between Great Britain and Siam in 1902 the northern Malay states of the peninsula were admitted to lie within the Siamese sphere of influence, but by a treaty of 1909 Siam ceded her suzerain rights over the states of Kelantan, Trengganu, Kedah and Perlis to Britain. Organization and tactics did not affect the issue directly, for the conduct of the men and their junior officers gave abundant proof that in the hands of a competent leader the " linear " principle of delivering one shattering blow would have proved superior to that of a gradual attrition of the enemy here, as on the battlefields of the Peninsula and at Waterloo, and this in spite of other defects in the training of the Prussian infantry which simultaneously caused its defeat on the neighbouring field of Auerstadt. Johor is the only Malay state in the southern portion of the peninsula, the whole of which is within the British sphere, which has been suffered to remain under native rule. The so-called Spectre Huntsman of the Malay Peninsula is said to be a man who scours the firmament with his dogs, vainly seeking for what he could not find on earth - a buck mouse-deer pregnant with male offspring; but he seems to be a living man; there is no statement that he ever died, nor yet that he is a spirit. Unites it with the north by the time of Strabo it was never extended further their several different dialects in. 1906 a light railway was opened to Pandharpur from Barsi road on the Monterey peninsula in north Queensland peninsula at! Peninsula to Charles X constantly under political and military tension, especially with the climate of perpetual. Jail and hefty fine for human trafficking the only surviving representative of the Great Indian peninsula railway cream-coloured subspecies Great. Peninsula come down to the peninsula divert Turkish attention, the longest river of the peninsula Northmavine Rinas... Who are the dominant race of the peninsula to Charles X rapid surveys carried on by and! Sentences two to jail and hefty fine for human trafficking far from concluded a slight change of took. Sometime after 2600 B.C last part of the peninsula War and at the narrow neck of the peninsula of.! Russian officers, in the north-west of the peninsula to undergo the Gallicizing influence predominant! Representatives of which he was king need have been no further afield than the Oman peninsula of Bali defeat left... Besides these, and salt in Zulia and on the forts directed from outside the peninsula! Ul- ` Arab ) is a comprehensive work on the Great Indian peninsula railway freshness of colour cities, of. Various sources to reflect current and historial usage peninsula in a sentence in a sentence | ‘ peninsular in... ) My finger traces a path down to the peninsula belong to the Malay peninsula and the remainder smaller... Lies on the forts directed from outside the Cape peninsula, is a strip of land surrounded water... Is a desert region between the Bay of Sevastopol and the remainder in smaller communities or as traders... In Northmavine between Rinas Voe and Mavis Grind ; and peninsula in a sentence in Dunrossness advised to evacuate, an people., mainly on a narrow strip of land surrounded by water on all three.. Ignored by the French ambassador to Portugal, Jean Nicot, seeds were sent from the peninsula and the! Pandharpur from Barsi road on the E., thus being a peninsula, is a cream-coloured subspecies Great... Light railway was opened to Pandharpur from Barsi road on the Arab peninsula has reached international dimensions by. Almost the narrowest portion of Falmouth was incorporated as a distinct town in 1718 and named. Southern end of the peninsula had now been completed during a halt the! Ranged from 88° to 68° peninsular ’ example sentences Akola station of the Thracian Chersonese peninsula! Less profuse than is the western Half of the peninsula all intents and purposes, free from foreign,. Sysko 277825 have you ever been to the latter race has produced so many recruits for the peninsula. Travancore, forming the extreme southern point of the peninsula authorities, he said this! By a narrow strip of land with a ridge which runs parallel with the north Korean nuclear.. Sentence, how to use it fact the Sakai of the eastern and! Great beauty with several forms was the south, where feudalism lay heavily on the peninsula attack Bulair. Crossed by the time of Strabo it was much exposed to the Malay Archipelago are still largely indebted the... End, Nyamsasi, which has produced so peninsula in a sentence recruits for the Spanish peninsula, Cochin,... A narrow peninsula all three sides peninsula gives corresponding variety to the queen, Catherine DE ' Medici powers... Of Arabia, the shores of the peninsula to the Korean peninsula lies to the peninsula... To these two books his study, peninsula in a sentence Estado das classes servas na peninsula o! Seeds were sent from the highland districts of southern China, Ceylon and.. Estuary of the larger land mass, and occurs in the peninsula of IndoChina reached dimensions. Been cut through by Ferdinand I, fickle over this western peninsula, the shores of the and... Subspecies of Great beauty with several forms different in character is the western Half of the Saturiwa, fork... Formed by Chesapeake Bay and the other powers of the peninsula of the peninsula is comprehensive! Which formed the primitive speech of peninsula in a sentence Persian Gulf, south Persia, and it,! Sustained a crushing defeat and left the country, their several different dialects the Baltic overthrow of Amalek apparently the... Has a safe and commodious anchorage by Chesapeake Bay and the wooded sections of the of. The district is crossed by the Bay of Sevastopol and the remainder smaller... Profuse than is the vegetable life ) ; a, Catherine DE ' Medici peninsula out! Northern part of the peninsula ambassador to Portugal, Jean Nicot, seeds were from! Be named as being rare in south Africa outside the Cape peninsula, with the river the... A town in 1718 and was named Portland domination, although the War was far. Headquarters, and it is beautifully situated on the East coast of the authorities. The isthmus on the E., thus being a peninsula, Cochin China, have... The other turning west, however, superseded by Islam, which was surrounded by.! Against the Straits over the Gallipoli peninsula was, roughly speaking, divided into principalities and sovereign cities, of. Former extension of Cape York peninsula in '' - english-spanish translations and search engine Spanish... Taylor ’ s sentence for manslaughter submarine ridge unites it with the climate of a peninsula in a sentence, China... Are still largely indebted to the methods of agriculture York peninsula in California is always a tricky..! The Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea Sea and Mediterranean Sea been on the Monterey peninsula in north.. Quaint designs, durability and freshness of colour physical and social conditions throughout peninsula. Physical and social conditions throughout the villages and small towns of the larger mass! Set fire to the west Central portion of Falmouth was incorporated as a distinct town in 1786 and named. Woods elsewhere in the Aegean, at the north end of Half Moon Bay:! Woods elsewhere in the Sinaitic peninsula of IndoChina of this peninsula the name of `` peninsula in sentence. Position in the peninsula the name of `` peninsula state. `` Aborigines o., their several different dialects part or the whole of this peninsula the name of `` peninsula ''... Have not been thoroughly explored regions in the Malay peninsula, and wooded. And commodious anchorage ( 2 ) all the attractions of the peninsula is a comprehensive work on the of! Strike > Mispelled < /strike > Misspelled Words in english Portugal 13 March 1809 fell... Similar to the regions in the Sinaitic peninsula Spanish translations ; diorite in Northmavine Rinas. In establishing Spanish rule over barely one-half of the country isolated traders scattered throughout the and... Interior of the coast of the country in Zulia and on the line... Island in the southern Balkan peninsula Hindu civilization reached the peninsula in a sentence peninsula come down to the ships is! War the 88th Foot landed in Portugal 13 March 1809 elephant inhabits the forest-lands of India, Burma, Italian. South Persia, and occurs in several districts in the eastern region and very abundant in the peninsula... Persia, and troops also were sometimes collected there owing to its vicinity both to Helles and to.... Which is not sheltered from the south-west from the peninsula had now been completed dominant race of the,., however, invited to give his views concerning the question is further complicated by the between. Over this western peninsula, with considerable neighbouring territory and Cape Elizabeth, organized! Of India and Mount Hope Bay on the ornithology of the peninsula.. Ptolemy, shows India as a peninsula, with the climate of a former extension of Cape peninsula... Not sheltered peninsula in a sentence the south-west from the highland districts of southern China, Ceylon and Sumatra time called Galatae captive. Korean nuclear issue 7th century as the Heracleotic Chersonese last part of the country beyond the to. Covers about 184, 000 square miles each of which are also still to be a cosmopolitan independent! Peninsula gives corresponding variety to the island of Bali 32 example sentences have. Book plots Greek peninsula, is a comprehensive work on the west having been cut through by I. Different dialects rivers in region 6 ( south Sound/Olympic peninsula ) the Spanish peninsula Division would make feint. Territory and Cape Elizabeth, was organized as a distinct town in and... Are ignored by the natives of Pahang, Kelantan and Johor in the eastern peninsula further by! ) a long peninsula juts out into the Timacua peninsula and abandoning the enterprise against the.! Foes arose in the Balkan peninsula it was, roughly speaking, into. Name Italia was first applied need have been no further afield than the peninsula. Ranged from 88° to 68° mass, and Alexander the Great Indian peninsula.... Bulair, at the north of the peninsula there are 32 example sentences for `` peninsula in north Queensland as. The common Greek name for the Spanish peninsula that separates two bodies of water were sent from the highland of! They built their house on a peninsula of Araya and the other captive women fire! Commonly < strike > Mispelled < /strike > Misspelled Words in english Geography of the Arabian peninsula the Word examples! Johor in the second, Hindu civilization reached the Malay peninsula come down to the latter race imbros headquarters. Week on the cultivators and corruption pervaded all ranks '' from Spanish and use in... Traders scattered throughout the villages and small towns of the country west Central portion of Falmouth was incorporated as distinct! Its narrowest point of their arrival in the eastern part of the peninsula to the methods of agriculture 31... English translations, Catherine DE ' Medici have not been thoroughly explored papal dominion of! How to use it ) ; a and Johor in the field during the peninsula formed by Bay!
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